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I’m fascinated by new places, people, and experiences, and like a bug drawn to the light, I’ve always wanted to go. Anywhere and everywhere. Go here, see this, try that. It’s one reason why travel, especially international travel, has always been so important to me. Without it, I feel like a fish out of water, struggling.

The past 4+ years in San Francisco has been amazing in so many ways. At the same time, it’s been the longest I’ve been in any one place in the past decade. And there are only so many trips abroad you can squeeze out of vacation days.

For so long I’ve wanted to travel full-time, and over the past year or so, I’ve been more vocal in letting those around me know that I’m planning on taking 6 months to 2 years from working to go travel. The plan was to leave in late 2018 or early 2019.

Until a few weeks ago.

After more than 4 years with the company, I was laid off. And so my plans got pushed up by about 18 months.

While I would’ve preferred to do things on my own timeline and save more money before departing, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. And especially with what our country has become and the political unrest, I’m pretty ready to leave it all behind for a bit.

I’m currently in Peru and have a one-way ticket to Manchuria for later this month. I don’t know when I’ll be where just yet, or even exactly when I’ll return, but I know I will be spending some time visiting relatives in China and making my way through Southeast Asia.

If you’re going to be in Southeast Asia between November and February, let me know!

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