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My Favorite Snaps from China Trips Past 

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I have arrived in Manchuria! Before I start snapping away, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from past trips to China. I’m super excited to explore other parts of the extremely large country on this trip, including some areas that aren’t as frequently visited, especially by those in the West.

Please bear with me on the quality of these photos. Some are up to 10 years old!

Beijing, China
Changchun, China
Changchun liberation monument
Changchun Liberation Monument
Dali, China
Harbin, China
Jiaozuo, China
Kunming, China
Dianchi Lake
Just before the earthquake in Kunming
Lijiang, China
Lijiang regional seat
Lijiang regional seat
Sijitun, China
Sijitun village
Rural bliss in Sijitun

These photos were originally posted on the original A Nomad on the Loose blog. Aggregating them here into a new blog post to showcase my favorites. If you’ve been to China, let me know where your favorite spots are!

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