About Me

Hi, I’m Rowena!

I travel for the new experiences and first-hand interactions that challenge and inspire me, and I write to help others have their own life-changing experiences without breaking the bank.

I seek places that are steeped in tradition and/or natural beauty and share their allure with my readers, mixing history, opinions, and photos with practical logistical info.

The name A Nomad on the Loose and the tagline comes from personal experience and a belief that adventure and new experiences can be found everywhere and anywhere. You just have to be willing to go after it and accept it with open arms.

Here are some of the places I’ve been lucky enough to travel to during the past few years.

2014: Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Thailand, Cambodia

2015: Alaska, New Orleans

2016: Bali, Oahu, Portugal, Spain

2017: Cuba, Peru, China, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam

2018: Hong Kong, Maui, Chicago, Wyoming, Montana, Portland, Denver, Italy

Hello, 2019!

Always open to your ideas, comments, and feedback,


email me at rowena@ this domain

P.S. I’m @a_nomad_on_the_loose on Instagram