8 Things to Know About Squat Toilets

Squat toilets

I’m in a couple of travel-related groups on Facebook and I often see anxiety-ridden questions for those going to Asia for the first time about a very essential thing: toilets. Or more specifically, squat toilets. So as I start my fourth month of traveling in Asia, I decided it was time to just write this … Read more

Booking an Amazon Lodge? A Review of Refugio Amazonas  

I’m all for DIY travel and generally abhor tours except for when necessary, such as with the Inca Trail. As we planned the rest of our Peruvian adventure and looked to the Amazon, however, we realized that it would be much easier to find a lodge that could provide airport-to-lodge service than to try to put together … Read more

All You Need to Know About Hiking the Inca Trail (+ Alpaca Expeditions Review)

Have you heard me say enough times yet that hiking the Inca Trail is an incredible experience? Well let me say it once more: it’s so fantastically amazing! And you’ll probably love your experience a little more if you have proper info to prep for your trek. Here’s all you need to know about hiking … Read more

A Photographic Journey Along the Inca Trail

Andes valley

They say that some places you visit are akin to religious experiences. I’d always wanted to Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail because I thought it’d be cool to challenge myself. Actually hiking the Inca Trail was indeed challenging at times, but moreover, it was an incredible experience, sort of a personal pilgrimage. Which is … Read more

1 Day in Lima: What to See and Eat

Lima Day of Folklore Parade

All those who went to Peru before me said, “Lima’s a bore, the only good thing there is food.” But unless you’re entering Peru from another South American country, you’ll most likely need to first fly into Lima. So since you’ll be there anyways, here’s an itinerary for you to see and eat the best … Read more

FUNemployment Adventures

I’m fascinated by new places, people, and experiences, and like a bug drawn to the light, I’ve always wanted to go. Anywhere and everywhere. Go here, see this, try that. It’s one reason why travel, especially international travel, has always been so important to me. Without it, I feel like a fish out of water, … Read more