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Every journey has a starting point, and after years of sharing Google Docs, emails, and Facebook messages of travel tips and itineraries with friends, coworkers, and strangers (and four years after leaving the public eye), I’ve finally decided to start again.

A number of conversations and encounters nudged me toward this, but last night as I was going to sleep, I decided to actually do it and come back to blogging. Typically I run through these ideas in my head and get super excited but then get bogged down thinking through details such as what cadence to publish posts or whether I’d have the time to really build up an audience. This time I decided to stop thinking and just start doing what I need to make sure I followed through. So I sunk some money behind this to ensure I won’t back out — because I hate wasting money more than anything.

So here I am, publishing and sharing this news before I’ve even finished setting up the site.


Hi, I’m Rowena. And I’m a nomad on the loose.

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