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Catalina Weekender: Quickest Option to Island Bliss

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There’s something about being surrounded by water that adds a level of joy, tranquility, and escape, which is perhaps why islands such as Bali, Maui, and Tahiti are extremely popular and romanticized destinations. There’s just something about that island life. For the Fourth of July we only had four days, so we opted for a locale a little closer to home: Santa Catalina Island. A brief 75-minute flight followed by a ferry ride of the same length could sweep us away from the daily grind in the city to these gorgeous views.

catalina island
Avalon Catalina Island

Life on Catalina Island

We chose to add a day in Long Beach before heading out to the island. (I won’t lie, it was pretty expensive and difficult to get a hotel for the 4th. We ended up staying at Hotel Catalina.) But even just two full days in Avalon, Catalina’s main hub and only incorporated city, was enough to really feel like we were a world away.

On an island, life slows down.

You appreciate that you are but a tiny speck when compared to the vast waters surrounding you. You revel at the many species of flora and fauna staring back at you. (Tip: Rent a paddleboard or kayak — or both! — and explore the coastline.)

Catalina Island Kayaking

You devour and relish every bite and every moment of each meal, accompanied by the sound of waves crashing nearby. (Recommendation: Bluewater Avalon for the best seafood in town.)

You find joy in the smallest things, as there are limited options compared to the mainland, where your feet or car could take you to endless options. (Hint: Go to the arcade near Hotel Metropole).

It’s only 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, yet Catalina Island was far enough to feel like we were worlds away.

Until next time, island life!

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a weekend in Catalina Island

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