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Montana Weekender: 6 Years Later

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Like the Tahoe weekender before it, we headed up for a weekend in Montana thanks to a wedding. I’d actually lived in Montana for a couple of months at the beginning of the decade, so in some ways it was a nostalgic trip, almost exactly six years to the day that I left Montana.

We spent most of this trip in the Bozeman area, whereas I had lived in Billings. During my time in Billings, I had reported across a good part of eastern Montana but had never gone as far west as Bozeman. While Billings is a larger, more industrial city and Bozeman has the nickname “Boze Angeles,” both are surrounded by the natural beauty that Montana is known for.

So as we explored the areas around Bozeman and got in some good hikes, drinks, and meals, I also requested that we stop at various spots that reminded me of some of my favorite things about Montana. Please excuse the quality of the “Then” pictures, which were taken on some non-smartphone with a shoddy camera.

Here are 5 of my favorite things about Montana, then and now.

#1 Breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes to explore


beartooth highway
The epic Beartooth Highway (in June!)


Big Sky Montana
Big Sky resort in the summer

#2 Gorgeous views no matter where you go


Somewhere in southeastern Montana


Belgrade Montana
The view from our Airbnb, just outside Belgrade

#3 Coffee kiosks in random lots



coffee kiosks in Montana
There were unfortunately no Mountain Mudds in the Bozeman area.

#4 Casinos basically anywhere and everywhere


casinos in Montana


gas station casino in Montana
Gas station and convenience store or casino?

#5 Adventures abound


whitewater rafting Yellowstone River Montana
On the Yellowstone River


Montana whitewater
Same company, but this time at its Gallatin River base

What’s your favorite thing about Montana?

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