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Hawaii Weekender: Aloha Ohana

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Ohana means family. Okay, you know I had to start there. After multiple false starts over the past decade and a half, I finally made it to Hawaii for an (extra) long weekend with family and to visit family. Specifically, to Oahu.

From basking in the glorious sun at Hanauma Bay and surfing with sea turtles in Honolulu to solemn moments of silence at the Pearl Harbor sites and wondrous gasps of awe while learning about Hawaiian history, it was an incredible 6 days. (<-Hey, there were two half days of flying in there!)

Hi Oakley! Not pictured: me surfing with another sea turtle a couple of days later.

As the summer weather in San Francisco has been more than dreary this past week, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about those sunny days and these crystal clear waters.

Hanauma Bay
If you’re not already in love with Hanauma Bay just from looking at this photo, please book a flight to Honolulu asap and get yourself some firsthand therapy.

If only there was somewhere with gorgeous weather, breathtaking scenery, tons of job opportunities, and low cost of living…

Can’t wait to get back to this someday!

Traditional Hawaiian at Helena’s
Pearl Harbor: still felt unreal despite everything you learn about it growing up.

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